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40 Damn Years Letter From My Heart Santa Claus

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"Her CD is a joy." Buzz Review News, USA
"[The] album is like taking a fantastic foreign trip." Girlmedia, USA
"Dishes up some rather excellent music." Presto, NZ
"A heady collision of Celtic mayhem, bar mitzvah madness and East European cabaret style all performed with enthusiasm, a dash of humour and an undercurrent of percussive jazziness." New Zealand Musician Magazine, NZ

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You can check out song samples from singer/songwriter Lizzie Cook below. You can also order any CD risk-free because Lizzie offers a 100% money-back guarantee. Each CD highlights Lizzie Cook's original songs and unique style, at once heartfelt and uplifting, intimate and wild. As well as the accordion, Lizzie plays piano and keyboards with vibrant arrangements and the cream of the Christchurch music scene.


Lizzie Cook’s latest CD Shimmer. Lizzie’s unique musical style offers a sense of resonance, richness and fun on this refreshingly upbeat album. Produced by Ian McAllister and featuring some of Christchurch’s most renowned musicians, Lizzie enjoyed the artistry, contributions and adventure of Greig Bainbridge, Pos Mavaega, Scott Taitoko, Reuben Derrick, Tyson Smith, Tamara Smith, David Lilley, Tom Rainey, Ace Palenski, Brad Banks and Phil Bates.


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Track Name Sample
1 Call (Appel)
2 Motivation
3 Incognito
4 Willowman
5 Shimmer
6 So beautiful
7 Summer goes on forever Download MP3
8 Drive
9 Hold
10 Pirate

40 Damn Years

Lizzie Cook's debut CD.

Along with Lizzie Cook on piano, keyboards and accordion, the CD features James Wilkinson and Paul Gilmore on bass, Wally Tairakena on drums and Richard Payne and Gerardo Torres on percussion.

40 Damn Years
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Track Name Sample
1 Travelling
2 Listen Download MP3
3 Highland
4 Raining
5 40 damn years
6 A Bientôt Download MP3
7 Sleep
8 Hear the angels Download MP3
9 Struggle to love
10 A day could be... Download MP3

Letter from my heart

Lizzie Cook's critically acclaimed second album highlights her talents as jazz chanteuse. Lizzie Cook: Vocals, Accordion, Piano & Keyboard; Mike Kime: Bass; Jay Hay: Bass; Chris Searle: Drums; Richard Payne: Percussion; Reg Rutene: Percussion; James Wilkinson, Kevin Scally, Jay Hay and Richard Payne: backing vocals. The CD also features "Minotaur", a song inspired by James K Baxter’s poem "Labyrinth".

Letter From My Heart
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Track Name Sample
1 Where shall I run to Download MP3
2 Dah
3 Dervish
4 Minotaur Download MP3
5 Houghton Bay Download MP3
6 Down to the beach Download MP3
7 Letter from my heart
8 On the road again
9 Sunrise
10 Skylark

Santa Claus

A sing-along Christmas song for the Southern Hemisphere.

Santa Claus
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Track Name Sample
1 Santa Claus Download MP3

Christmas Reunion

A heartfelt Christmas pop song.

Christmas Reunion
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Track Name Sample
1 Christmas reunion Download MP3

Christmas Time

A "sand, surf, beach and sun" Christmas song, written by Lizzie Cook and performed by Christchurch band Tribalincs.

Christmas Time
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Track Name Sample
1 Christmas time Download MP3